Saturday, 21 June 2008

We're off to Alder Hey

We have now had a date to take Ben to see a Paediatric cardiologist. This monday at 5:00pm in the afternoon, which at least gives us plenty of time to get there. They said to allow approximately 2 hours for tests so it will be a long day by the looks of it. Ben is doing well and weighs in at a hefty 10lbs 13oz which doesn't seem like a lot unless you are bouncing him on your knee for half an hour trying to get his wind up! No need to go to a gym for a workout anymore. I can feel my shoulder muscles developing already.

So, hopefully by the end of our session in Liverpool we will have a bit more information about the seriousness of Ben's heart condition and what they intend to do about it and when. I do know that they don't do open heart surgery anymore unless it's necessary. They stick a line up through the groin and plug any holes from the inside so ther is less mess and quicker recovery. I have enough of a job threading a needle without losing me temper so these guys must be incredibly patient to find a pathway up through the body like they do. I bet they'd be good at unblocking drains as well! Weekend working for Dyno-rod perhaps?


donnac1968 said...

Aww, he's so cute, I hope it all goes well on Monday.

Did you get my message about my "do" in August?

donnac1968 said...

How did the tests go?