Saturday, 9 August 2008

Good news update

Sorry it has been a while but here is the latest. Ben's hole that would require an operation is no longer there according to Alderhey hospital. There is a hole there but it is an ordinary one which will heal itself. The Primum hole that was supposed to be there was not on display on the scan. We have to take him back in April to make sure but it now looks as though an operation will not be necessary. We shall keep our fingers crossed. Trying to fit things in around him is proving very difficult which is why I haven't updated the blog for a while. He is gurgling away quite happily now and getting used to his voice. This makes him unbearably cute at times and even more huggable which also uses up valuable time but it is well worth it.
I am getting more tired and confused as each week passes. I have just sent a 40th birthday card to a friend at completely the wrong address so I will have to re-send another one. When I get the bus to work, I keep taking the car keys with me which impresses the hell out of Gill and defeats the whole purpose of taking the that she can have the car! I will get it right eventually. It's only taken me 40 years to get this far.