Friday, 28 March 2008


Starting to get a little bit nervous now as the time passes and the imminent arrival of mine and Gill's combined genes draws nearer. A very romantic way of putting it but I've always had a romantic side and I don't mind revealing it. Another scan today has revealed that he hasn't grown over the past two weeks so Gill will have to spend a couple of hours over the weekend being monitored. This is just a precautionary exercise as there is a chance that the measurements on the previous scan may have been exaggerated a little bit for whatever reason. As you can see if you look very carefully, you can make out his face on the bottom one! Alien!! And he's still a boy. Apparently. So far the date for his release is the same but they are still concerned about how big he is getting so it could be sooner. If Gill's waters break then they will deliver sooner but they are happy that if this becomes the case that he has developed enough for it not to pose a problem. There are added complications. We went down to Brighton over easter to attend Gill's brother's wedding and stopped off at Oxford on the way back to see Gill's sister's new son who is about 5 weeks old. He was taken into hospital yesterday with suspected meningitis so we are just waiting for confirmation to see what effect that could have on us and Ben if any. Hopefully, little Jack will be fine as I believe his condition has improved since he went in and it's not nice to think of a little defenceless bundle like him suffering like that. We shall keep our fingers crossed. Being an atheist, that's about the best I can do.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Where have I been?!?

It has been a while since my last entry. Things are going quite well with the pregnancy all things considered. Gill is injecting her insulin but Ben seems to be growing a bit bigger than he should. He is probably about 2 pounds heavier than he should be at the moment which is a concern in relation to when they will perform the caesarian. At the moment it will be on the 2nd of May (the day after my mother's birthday funnily enough) but if he gets too big then they may get him out a bit sooner. Apart from that they seem to be quite happy with his performance so far and are keeping a close eye on him. My compliments go to all of them up at the Blackpool Vic who have done a splendid job so far, fair play to them. We will be popping down to Brighton just before Easter to watch Gill's brother get married and to pick up a pram on the way back. I just hope there are plenty of toilets on the way down as no doubt Gill will want to stop at every single one.
I have been getting into magic tricks lately as I have discovered a good magic shop just down the road from where I currently live and after seeing some of the magic acts recently at the Winter Palace as well as the Junior World Championships it has spurred me on to learn some card tricks. I've already got a magic wand (well it worked on Gill! Geddit?).