Saturday, 21 June 2008

We're off to Alder Hey

We have now had a date to take Ben to see a Paediatric cardiologist. This monday at 5:00pm in the afternoon, which at least gives us plenty of time to get there. They said to allow approximately 2 hours for tests so it will be a long day by the looks of it. Ben is doing well and weighs in at a hefty 10lbs 13oz which doesn't seem like a lot unless you are bouncing him on your knee for half an hour trying to get his wind up! No need to go to a gym for a workout anymore. I can feel my shoulder muscles developing already.

So, hopefully by the end of our session in Liverpool we will have a bit more information about the seriousness of Ben's heart condition and what they intend to do about it and when. I do know that they don't do open heart surgery anymore unless it's necessary. They stick a line up through the groin and plug any holes from the inside so ther is less mess and quicker recovery. I have enough of a job threading a needle without losing me temper so these guys must be incredibly patient to find a pathway up through the body like they do. I bet they'd be good at unblocking drains as well! Weekend working for Dyno-rod perhaps?

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Moved at last

I am now typing from sunny Wales! Yes the move was succesful and fairly uneventful and I have started my new job at the pathology lab in Bangor. Quite a lot of the old faces from 12 years ago when I was there last and they all seemed quite pleased to see me. They don't seem to have changed though I know I have since the last time I was there. Now I have to learn all about the lab again as things have certainly changed which I expected. The house I am renting is nice and adequate for our needs. It is in a quiet spot. Ben is doing okay and is now weighing in at 9lb 11oz and is the cutest baby that the health visitor has on her rounds at the moment according to her. He doesn't like sleeping during the day at the moment which is a bit of a nightmare for Gill but he seems to be sleeping well enough at night. Still waiting for Alder Hey hospital to get in touch but they have already said that any time I need off to go to the hospital with Ben is not a problem, which is a far cry from the old job I can tell you. Getting back into the swing of speaking welsh again too. And it's funny to think that I am on half the money I used to be on but I am a lot happier. Don't tell Gordon Brown!!