Saturday, 29 December 2007

It's a boy!! Or will be....

The last scan on Friday has revealed that I am having a son. Gill has seen his willy and everything! A new level of voyeurism has been achieved it would seem. I am dead chuffed as I didn't really want to have to play with dolls and girlie stuff. No offence, but it just isn't me. Besides, boys toys are infinitely better than anything girls have and I wouldn't want my daughter growing up to be a tomboy because of my insistence on giving her boy toys. So now at least we know what colour to buy and I've been pricing up scale-extrics just in case. Gill also picked up a blood monitor to test her blood sugars ready for the next step of injecting and they will probably induce the birth after 36/38 weeks as the baby is growing fast and that's what they normally do with gestational diabetics.
According to his size, he is the equivalent of 24 weeks old but he's supposed to be 20/21. In the top picture it actually seems as if he is looking at you. Bit spooky that. The midwife had a job getting him to turn around (I told her he might be shy) but she got there in the end. It wasn't one of those vague images of what sex he is, it was pretty damn clear! Gill was a bit down about it being a boy as she wanted a girl and, to be honest, we had already chosen a name for her. Now we have to think properly of a boys name. Gill likes Ben, Jake or Oliver. I like Noah, Urien and Mohammed!!! It looks like Ben is the favourite at the moment. Incidentally, all this fuss about how the muslims considered it an insult to call a teddy mohammed (lower case m used on purpose) has caused Sooty to cancel his tour of Jamaica.! Geddit?

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Nearly Christmas again!

Yes, the usual where has the year gone scenario is approaching and I am pleased to say that I am all set for the big day. I love Christmas which is why I always use a capital letter. I hope they will do it again next year. The sprog will be about seven months old by then and playing with it's first scalextric and beating me before we go on to the mecchanno or lego depending on which one is spelt correctly. Next year is set to be a very interesting one indeed. The latest up date on the mother is that there is a very good chance that she will be diabetic after the birth as she has gestational diabetes at the moment at an earlier stage of her pregnancy than they would like to see it. This means that she will have to start injecting insulin to try and avoid the baby reaching 15 pounds in weight and having health problems. It also means that she is unlikely to have a natural birth which is worrying as recent research has indicated that caesarian births are nowhere near as good as the real thing and are likely to complicate the health in later life (or something). So there is a lot to think about and consider for the future. I never realised that becoming a parent could be so complicated or exciting all at the same time. But, no doubt, everything will turn out to be okay and I shall worry for no reason at all. Luckily, I don't have any hair to turn grey!