Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Jacks back

Little baby Jack seems to be on the road to recovery and they have eliminated meningitis as the cause. However, they still don't know what it was and they are unable to test for it. So we will never know. His heartbeat went up to 22o bpm and his temperature was 108! The doctors were quite convinced that he wouldn't make it but it just shows how resilient babies can be. Of course they still need to keep a close eye on him over the next few weeks and certainly monitor him over the next few years to see if there is any damage done. The main thing is that he is on the recovery road and hopefully all will be well.
It just highlights the problems that can occur when you have kids. It is worrying. My brother had Ioan who had hydrocephallus followed by Toby who was born with club feet. Toby is now running around as if there was nothing wrong and seems to be very intelligent for his age. Ioan is coming along well although there is obviously some lasting damage from the Hydrocephallus which will always affect him. But again it helps to put a positive spin on the fact that whatever goes wrong all is not lost. The medical profession can do miracles these days and often do. And long may they continue to do so. I hope Ben doesn't give them a reason to though!!

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donnac1968 said...

Ah the joys of parenthood. So glad to hear that Jack is okay. Which brother has the children?

I have decided on a little knitting project for Ben so tell him to stay inside until I have finished it, okay?